Azeez Alayah

Model: Azeez Alayah
Styling: Ashley Crawford
Clothing: H&M
Location: Elwood, IL

I had the pleasure of working with the extremely charismatic Azeez Alayah. This was our first time working with one another and I must say that the chemistry was amazing. He understood what I was striviing for in my work and was more than willing to get down and dirty to achieve my vision. I believe vision is something most photographers struggle with in their work. I know I have. What I have learned is to not force myself to a specific genre of photography or only shoot a specific time of model. I have learned to go with the flow and live life. Allow yourself to make mistakes and go into a shoot without any pre-planning. It will only help you grow as a photographer and build confidence in your abilities. When it came to the shoot with Azeez I truly struggled with a concept and wasn’t sure the type of images I was going to shoot until the day of. I knew I wanted to shoot portraits and incorporate fashion but that was about it. Everything else was result of the inspiration I received from the location and model. Be willing to adapt to change and allow yourself to make mistakes and feel uncomfortable. This will only your creativity to flourish. 

Dallas Wade aka Flashman Wade

Grand Rapids, MI | Model: Dallas Wade aka Flashman Wade - Feb. 25, 2015

Sometimes to make great photographs you have to travel long distances. This is exactly what I did in order to photograph this intriguing lad. Okay okay, you got me. I only traveled about 2.5 hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan. So, it wasn’t that bad especially since I brought along a friend to make the ride more interesting and just in case the model turned out to be a serial killer lol.

Tip: When going on location to photograph a model you have not met before ALWAYS BRING A BUDDY!

Anyway, I was communicating back and forth with Dallas for about a month trying to set a date to shoot. Due to the fact that he travels quite a lot made this very difficult. So when he a was randomly home for a few days I figured it was now or never.


The shoot was tons of fun and filled with lots of laughs and I met a very charismatic human being. I wish Dallas the best of luck in all his endeavors and continued success.

I would love to hear some of your photographic adventures.

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