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  1. Kyle Kuhlman

    22 Dec 2017

    Model: Kyle Kuhlman Photographer: Christopher Marrs

  2. Neon Lights w/ Devon

    12 Dec 2017

    Title: Neon Lights Model: Devon Daniels Photographer/Stylist: Christopher Marrs 

  3. Eli Webster

    04 Oct 2017

    Model: Elias Webster Styled by: Christopher Marrs

  4. Josh I | Chase Models NY

    26 Sep 2017

    Model: Josh Irvin (@rawpastelle) Agency: Chase Models NY (@chasemodelsny) Styled by: Christopher Marrs Published on:

  5. Jimmy Levar | Chase Models NY

    26 Sep 2017

    Model: Jimmy Levar Agency: Chase Models NY ( Stylist: Stevie Gatez ( Published on:

  6. CJ Wilson | Wilhelmina Models - Chicago

    28 Nov 2016

    Model: CJ Wilson Agency: Wilhelmina Models - Chicago

  7. Kevin B | Wilhelmina Models - Chicago

    16 Nov 2016

    Model: Kevin Brodzinski Agency: Wilhelmina Models - Chicago

  8. Austin Kane

    27 Oct 2016

    Model: Austin Kane Shot with a Canon 5d Mark III Behind the scenes video from the shoot!

  9. Kara Q. - Modelogic Midwest

    26 Jul 2016

    Model: Kara Q. Agency: Modelogic Midwest

  10. Tristin Johnson

    05 Jul 2016

    Model: Tristin Johnson This set of images was a joint collaboration between Tristin and myself.

  11. Antonial Barnes for Blurred Lines Magazine

    03 May 2016

    Model: Antonial Barnes Styling: Alfy Publication: Blurred Lines Magazine

  12. Austin K for BMG Models

    11 Nov 2015

    Website: Instagram:

  13. Azeez Alayah

    31 Mar 2015

    Model: Azeez AlayahStyling: Ashley CrawfordClothing: H&MLocation: Elwood, IL I had the pleasure of working with the extremely charismatic Azeez Alayah. This was our first time working with one another and I must say that the chemistry was amazing. He understood what I was striviing for in my work and was…

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